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I want to make a train layout at some point. But instead of making it some "oh wow look how old we can make this look" kind of boring ass historical layout, i'd want to make a subway layout basically. The primary purpose would be to recreate the basic types of operation of NYC subway... elevated, embankment, open cut, and full subway (beneath plexiglass roads)... local and express service, and a few representative complex interlockings where the routes converge and diverge.Basically I'd have to do this in HO scale or lower. If I did it in Z, i'd have a lot of problems finding subway cars, and it'd be too tough to find appropriate accessories... and HO is bordering on too big. So it'd probably have to be N sized.Here's where it gets fucked up. I'd want this to be automated. Full block signaling (with track level LED signals), and either current isolated blocks and *physical* interlocking-- which would be a pain in the major fucking ass, but cost less since all the switches on the interlocking board and stuff would be mechanical and most of the cost would be building the fucker out of parts i find and wire. OR, i could do the whole thing with some of the various automated/computer controlled systems in conjunction with sensors... basically employ  conjunction with a Digital Command Control system.Sounds ok so far right?

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